Konto’s online campaign, because not all accounting agencies are boring

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January 22, 2016
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March 6, 2017
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Konto’s online campaign, because not all accounting agencies are boring


A year ago we started an online campaign using social media marketing and repeated the strategy for our Konto’s accounting agency.

At Konto’s, we’re trying to reach customers to prove a new way of doing business – reliable and completing our duties fully, neatly and in time. And our goal was make people in Montenegro recognize this.

We’re using social media marketing to increase our word of mouth from our customers, improve our visibility and as part of a broader marketing strategy.

We started out with small amount Facebook adverts for our blog posts on accounting and finance in Montenegro. We paid approximately just €4 per post promotion for two-day placement, or €2 per day.

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Create your own content

Mostly, we boosted our blog posts, but also specially designed ads and images. Approximately, no more than €20 were spent each month.

From the experiment, it was very apparent that attaching strong, powerful images will get you more likes for your post vs posting a simple status update. And the more likes you get, especially right when it is sent out, the more exposed our posts were to our community and our friends.

In recent months, we started adding relevant, humorous, and compelling images that we shared. We carefully observed the growth in reach and virality for each post after it was shared.

Of course, in parallel with Facebook, we post on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ too. Now, we also write texts about finance, taxes and accounting for www.bankar.me, Montenegrin banking web portal, and share those texts too.

So how did we make money from this?

We have increased our Facebook page likesfrom 260 to 1,300 since, and we are growing. More importantly, we were contacted by dozens prospective clients, and we got 8 new clients, which add to our monthly budget. No need to say that these clients have already paid off our campaign costs.


It helped us grow our brand recognition

Right now, Konto’s is a company with just €20 marketing budget per month. Since we don’t have the money for huge ad campaigns, nobody really knew who we were at first.  Our blog posts and social media strategy changed that.

These days, a lot of our business comes from referrals and word-of-mouth.  But what’s interesting is, because of our social media campaign, prospective clients are a lot more familiar with our brand.  Whenever we’d talk to a new customer, we’d find out that they were a lot more comfortable with us and a lot more trusting of our services – all because they knew our name from seeing our messages online.

Prove you’re different

Clearly, creating a social media campaign has made a huge difference for us.  As a growing a business we’ve managed to prove that NOT ALL ACCOUNTING AGENCIES HAVE TO BE BORING. And not all accounting agencies are the same. Some of us do think about our marketing and about proving our worth to the clients.

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